Monday, October 20, 2014

[Pics] Kankoku TV Guide October issue Vol.55

Cr: kankoku_tvguide Twitter

Jang Keun Suk is on the cover of Kankoku TV Guide - October issue Vol.55


[Month in review] August 2014 - part 2

August  Month in Review part two by Esther Noloc and edited by Le Lamb
Photo credits: Dawn Hazlett, Nancy Terry and Arhaly Flores

In case you missed the first part is here: part-1

Jang Keun Suk Zikzin Man concert
Asia Tour Shanghai “Unstoppable” tour
Was confirmed from HS media
For start on August thirty one
Were a memorable one.

A Twitter from  Collect de Zikzin
announced all  the finalist 
of the clothes  design contest
made by some  Sukkie eels.

Areum Jung the JKS body trainer
Posted in her face book a photo of them
in the gym where they train a for five days
Where he got those muscle arms that melt the eels hearts

Jang Keun Suk posted in Line
Another photo of him with a cake
Named Birthday Party season three
And he did the victory sign for the eels.

Chinese TV Report on Jang Keun Suk
About the  Zikzin  radio  Show in Seoul
Showed the part of sexy back dance
It was a very long report.

Credit iQiyiTV
Translation: Wen Lee from ECI
Timing: Saad Al-otaibi from ECI 

The Birthday Photo Exhibition of JKS
Prepared for his Korean OFC
Were showed in China TV report
They showed some photos and the rice wreath
Of that important  event.

Credit: iQiyi TV
Translation: Hazy Lee from ECI
Timing: Saad Al-otaibi from ECI

Arirang TV Showbiz Korea
presented Episode of JKS
The Star magazine cut 
Described all his poses.

Cr. sarah eel

Jang Keun Suk posted in Weibo
A very encourage message
Said to the China eels
A message who said like this.

I’m very sad for the earthquake 
In the city of  Yunnan… 
Are Chinese eels ok…?
 I will come to see you in live.

Jang Keun Suk sent a Line
A photo of him with a birthday cake
He called a season four
Because as you saw there were more.

Jang Keun Suk sent another Line
A photo of him on the gym
Making exercises with a string
Prepared his muscles for the Fest. called Zushi.

Big brother sent a twitt
A photo of the console pioneer
Announced the same as Sukkie
The Japan festival named Zushi.

Yalget's BB cream CF
was postponed for September month
maybe because Suk is busy
and not have time to promote.

JKS departed from Gimpo
To the country of Japan
for TEAM H Zushi Festival
where Team H performed.

Cr. Bee_JKS
Cr. 非洲公主mary

JKS arrived at Haneda airport
In the country of Japan
With white shirt, sunglasses and black hat
for Team H Zushi Festival.

Cr. suk kyon
Cr. jks ffnon
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Cr. kotty7
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Cr. A. Naomi

Twitter from JKS Japan
With a photo of Sukkie and BB
Said first Team H in a while!!
As we expected, is raining
But still come on to Zushi~ ^^ festival

AsiaPrince sent a twit
Said what I hate the most
In this world it’s fly at night o clock
That almost impossible for Keun Suk.

Team H photos from MTV Zushi Fest
Were uploaded in the web
The people who attended
the beautiful  stage
And photos of both BB and JKS.

Tree J sent a twitt
A photo of JKS and BB
Before playing in Zushi
Both at the backstage,zikzin

Tree J sent another twitt
Said Thank you to all the eels
Who attended the Zushi Fest
for the support of Team H.

Jang Keun Suk sent a Line
A video of BB and him
After the Zushi Fest. party
Playing with water and said lets have a ball
And they were dancing a song.

Jang Keun Suk sent another Line
Asking  what season is this?
Because he  was celebrating
And having a lot of fun with it
and all the cakes eels gave to him
For his  birthday, lucky him.

Ameblo Team H /JKS
were updated  and said
we were worried about the typhoon
but ended Zushi Fest successfully today
thanks for  support Team H.

Updated their facebook
Talking about Team H.
Live from The three Palm Stage.

‘F to F’ October 2014
vol. nineteen magazine
have Jang Keun Suk
in their cover pic.

JKS Official fan club
tweet about he leaved Japan
and arrived safe
and will come back again
for A Nation next week then

Sukkie back to Korea
after the Zushi Fest
with grey pants and black T shirt
a mask and sunglasses

Cr: bee_jks

 JKS  with friends again.
in Xris_mas instagram
with black hat and white top
and doing the V sign.

Tree J sent a tweet
said this, actor Jang Keun Suk
will appears on the program
Superman Returns
Don't miss the real time.

Another tweet from Tree J said
In Superman Returns
JKS made a visit to Chu Sung Hung
to see his daughter Sarang oh oh!!!!

Shiho, Sarang s mother from Superman Return
posted a photo with Jang Keun Suk
her Instagram was the source
She also posted the lollipops
gave by Jang Keun Suk.

Superman Returns 
episode thirty-nine 
is very important  to us
because there appeared 
Jang Keun Suk.

Cr.  Saad Al-otaibi
Cr.  KBSEntertain

Tree J and KBS World
both uploaded pics
from the show Superman Returns 
JKS with Shiho and Sarang, so close.

Jang Keun Suk Zikzin Man
Shanghai tour tickets
started to sold
was on  August thirty one
He gave his soul to us

Was announced
that Zikzin radio show
will be held in China
one day before the Zikzin Man show.

Collect the Zikzin brand
promoted in their Face book
with photos of Zushi Fest
And A Nation progresss
where Team H presented.

Lotte Duty Free
posted this three pics
saying were free
with flowers, a ballon and jumping to the Moon.

We saw this photo on weibo
a photo of Jang Keun Suk
extending his hand like this
in this beautiful pic
was a message for him
said Happy Birthday  Prince

Huru  Hana  magazine
Uploaded photo of Sukkie
with a red flower near his chin
and a black hat, zikzin.

JKS appeared again
in Xrismas instagram
looked like another restaurant
he was a little serious this time.

JKS departs from Gimpo airport
for participate in  Asia Progress A Nation
he used grey shirt and black pants
and his passport in his hands.

Cr. bee_jks 
Cr. terubonbon28
Cr. modup_dubom
Cr. angelnunhwa

JKS arrived a Haneda airport
for participate in Asia Progress A Nation festival
in the country of Japan.
They played, sang and dance.

Cr.  chobittuj
Cr.  princessrie
Cr.  miho1971k
Cr.  sanxsan xsan
Cr.  miyukibks
Cr.  rathu kao
Cr.  a_b86sound
Cr.  ぁこ★아케미
Cr.  makittyy
Cr.  apple_kitty62

ZikzinRun online game
wraparound  bus came
were presented in Japan
the truck was big and white.

Jang Keun Suk sent a Line,
a cute video of him
practicing the steps
Team H did in Asia Progress.

A twitt from JKS Japan
with a photo of them
BB and JKS, Team H
ready for the A Nation Fest.

@AsiaPrince sent a twitt
a photo of him and BB
eating in a restaurant
wondering it will be an article about that.
Ameblo Team H/ JKS
were updated
said thank you for the support
in Asia Progress from A Nation
and that will broadcast in Pon.

Korepo uploaded pics
of Sukkie and BB
The duo Team H
in Asia progress.

The media news came
about Team H
in Asia Progress From a Nation parade
looks like they success that day.

Cr. tubu rinko
TBS ‘asachan’
Cr.  keunriri
Fuji-TV ‘mezamashi’

In the photo you can see
a total of five men
I dont know if they are male eels
but were promoting Zikzin game.

Cr. Neineilove

JKS appeared again
in the japanese show Pon
after A Nation Progresss 
and made the sign of the show.

Cr. tubu rinko