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[Trans] Jang Keun Suk Monochrome making of dairy - part 1

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Trans Credit: Megumi Sasaki

This is Ogawa.

I had many impressions and feelings in my mind when I participated in the making of JKS's Monochrome.
So I wanted to write about my experience in several blogs because one blog is not enough.
The title is “part 1” this time.
There are too many things I want to write…I don't know where I should start.
It was the first time I had so many thoughts (feelings) from one work.

First of all, it was my first experience making an album across the border between Korea and Japan.
Keun-sama's director is my best friend from high school, and I could work hard with him for the first time…
The memorable moments with Keun-sama during the recording process…JKS charms…I drank too much at the after party with JKS…I sang recording songs with loud voice in JKS's car…too many things to write, kkkk
I want to write about the lyrics of my song in Monochrome.
It's hard to make the table of contents.
I got asked before “What is a Vocal Director?” so I want to talk about being a Vocal Director this time.
The reason I’m involved with Monochrome was because I wrote the lyrics of “Take Me” for TEAM H.
I had planned to participate in the TEAM H recording at that time in Korea as a vocal director........but I couldn't do it because of my schedule.
My schedule fits this time so I went to Korea 3 times in December to record Keun-sama's third album.

Mr. Ishii my best friend from high school had explained to me 
“This album will be made with these concepts [want to really take care of “Japanese words”] [Album & Songs to touch Japanese hearts].”
I was nervous and anxious at first, even though I’ve had many experience working as a vocal director.
Because it was my first work experience across the border...
Actually Mr. Ishii was more nervous than me.
He should be…we are close because we are best friends. 
He asked me to work not only because we are best friends, but he will take the responsibility if my works is not good.
I think he had very difficult/mixed feelings at that time.
My task was to sing the “provisional songs” before recording. 
The “Provisional songs” were used to guide Keun-sama in the recording.
With exaggerated words, if my pronunciation was not good, Keun-sama's pronunciation may not be good either.
if my singing has strong accents(colors), his singing may be the same...

My pronunciation is not usually good, but I was very conscious to pronounce the Japanese beautifully for the provisional songs.
As a matter of fact, there were no problems with the pronunciation, Keun-sama's Japanese was too perfect♬
Keun-sama said “I could sing the new songs because of your provisional songs. 
I feel it's very fresh (new) when I listen to my songs.” 
I was glad and relieved to hear JKS's words. He is very kind to say that to me.
And also, the staff at the recording studio told me “your voice and JKS's are very similar.”
Sometimes they could not tell whose voice was coming from the speakers, our voice quality is similar. kkkk

I'm glad about that.
Therefore Mr. Ishii's worries were gone, the recording work were well underway with no problems.
My work/role at the recording were to check the melody with Keun-sama, check pronunciation and to give advice like '”sing with this kind of feeling in this part” or “make the pronunciation more clear” after JKS sang.
There were Korean lyricist and supervisor and we talked and shared our thoughts with each other.
I want to write about my experience with the Korean lyricist and supervisor later, they were wonderful.
I worked with them and we drank together in Japan♬
We had several happenings and miracles!!

I will write about it next time.

OMG!! I couldn't say 1/100 is enough for what I want to tell.
Sorry if my making of diary will be over 100 parts…

I write again soon ((((END))))


[Trans] Tongyi Weibo, 03-03-2015

Cr.  Tongyi Weibo
Trans Credit: Yan Love JKS

#Pretty, my action #Dear, Today is National ears day~ Little C know that you love to listen to Prince Suk's songs~ but don't forget to let your ears rest enough~ well protect your ears, so you can keep listen to Suk Suk's songs more.

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Take good care of your ears!


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[Photo] Collecte De Zikzin Twitter, 03-03-2015



[Wallpaper] Lotte Duty Free - Jang Keun Suk (March 2015)

Credits: Lotte Duty Free

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[Trans] JKS Japan FC Twitter, 03-03-2015

@jksjapan  「モノクローム」がオリコン3月9日付週間アルバムランキング第3位に!ありがとうございます!「モノクローム」ZIKZIN!!
@jksjapan   "Monochrome" is in Oricon March 9 date weekly album ranking third place! Thanks you! "Monochrome" ZIKZIN!!